One More Sleep

These last days have been busy as f*** and an emotional up and down.

BUT now I´m settled with everything: After all my forgotten things I got all my documents ready, my backpack packed (17 out of 23 kgs – what´s wrong with me?), bought ridiculously expensive Malaria medicine and tested my go pro with Mum over a glass of wine.

At this point: Thanks Mum & Merle for all your patience 😉 I guess I annoyed you with nervousness, excitement and axiety and very quick changes between all these.

Now I´m too excited to sleep so this is how this is coming up.

After my last morning run with Dobby tomorrow we´re off to Münster to say bye to my Opa and then further on to Frankfurt where I fly out in the evening. Can´t wait to watch all those movies on the plane!

Well, you might will be able to recognize these two in the photos coming up next week;)





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