3 days till take off.

Soon, Soon, Soon I am off to South Africa for new adventures.

On Saturday I fly out to Capetown to visit my cousin Benedikt who is working on his PHD at Capetown University and his girlfriend Ayanda.

After my first week in Capetown full of Tafelberg, Kap of good hope and (quote of Benedict) a lot of very good food and wine I will move to the small town of Wilderness on the Garden Route to live and work with Lindsay and Stephan at Black Horse Trails as – you will have guessed by now – a trail riding volunteer. Nice people, horses, dogs, beautiful scenery, a vegetarian friendly restaurant and monkeys in the bush – holidaytime for me.

Now, that finally my GoPro has arrived I can keep you updated with nice photos and videos, too.

Silly me forgot my passport in Hannover but luckily there are great flatmates in this world sending it to me.  So wish me luck to not forget anything else – especially not the fennel tea for Benedikt.

Well, I guess talk to you soon – will miss you all. But 25°C and summer here I come 🙂








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