Mucho calor

Our first days have been fab.

Sandra´s family is very welcoming. Kisses on the cheeks and Gazpacho.

Malaga is beauttiful. Especially Alcazar with flowers, medieval romantic and a breathtaking view. Next to it is un theater of the Romanos. Cats are everywhere on the streets but luckily we haven´t seen street dogs. The horses here all look allright but i´m still not a fan of those touristci carriages.

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The beaches in Malaga are beautiful as well and the Spanish don´t care if they got a bikini body or not 😀

In the night the cityt center is full of people and there aren´t entrance fees for most of the bars. How can you pay 2,50€ and get one litre of red wine? or 1,20€ for a liter of beer? CRAZY and AMAZEBALLS!

We can´t say which is the best place so far but Rona is very close. It´s a beautiful city with a stunning bridge and an inddredible view. Reminds me of cincue terre in Italy. AAAAnd we had Churros which i always wanted to have in Spain – but now I think the ones in Hannover are better:D Damn.

Sandra´s Friend Ana was our guide showed us everything – especially her richpeoples house and the POOOOOOOL!

Going by bus is a bit weird. So far we had interesting experience every time. From a woman who couldn´t stop laughing and made me laugh to a little girl who shot an old man with her plastic gun and made weird noises while Maike tried to sleep.

Today we´re going into Malaga one last time. Let´s see what the day brings except Niklas. 😀

And finally we got a caaaar! Yuuuus.

Vamos al centro. Hasta luego


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