Adventure time.

Our Spain trip in numbers

 4 more sleeps.

2 girls.

20 kg hand luggage.

2 massive backpacks.

1 flight to Malaga.

1 hot Spanish girl expecting us.

1 Niklas.

Another 10kg hand luggage.

10000000 plans.

40°C in Andalucía

1 reantal car which we don´t have, yet

1 person speaking proper Spanish.

1 Merle.

Mooooore luggage.

4x pale, white, brit-skin

Sunscreen. A lot.

19 days.

2 walks in the heat. Great heat.

1 kayak tour.

2 Polaroid cameras.

100 Minipolarroid-photos.

2 one-way-cameras.

1 underwater-camera.

1 Maike with a plan.

3 Niklas, Merle, Ruth without a plan.

1 Tomatina-Festival.

No TomTom.

So  far, no phone.

1 luxury sleeping mat.

A whole lot of excitement, fun and craziness.

xx things that we´ll forget.!


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